At our store OTC Medications | Lottery | Bill pay, ATM and more
Come step into the store to have a unique shopping experience while you get your prescription filled.

Count on us for a wide variety of items grouping from stationery to toys, bath supplies to kitchen supplies, baby items to beauty items, seasonal stuff to party goods just for a $1 or less. We also carry huge variety of your day-to-day need supplies meeting your common needs with much better quality and cheaper price.
OTC Medications
We have a huge variety of Over the Counter(OTC) supplies at our pharmacy which includes, but not limited to items like:
Huge variety of Vitamin selection
Cough and cold supplements
Natural supplements
Laxatives and analgesics
Eye and Ear care products
Heating pads
Wide variety of incontinence items


We sell different types of Lottery draw games like Mega million, Power ball, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6, Jersey Cash 5 and much more. Also, we have an instant lottery ticket machine available with huge selection of lottery instant tickets like bingo, crossword and many more to play for while waiting for the prescription.

Bill pay, ATM and more..

We have lot of additional services like IPP Bill pay to pay your monthly bills for auto, credit card, water, electricity, utilities, telecom, insurance, government, rent bills and more.

We also have a Copy center available to make photocopies and an ATM as an added convenience.

Customized Packing
Need customized packing and customized service? No problem. Come to us and we will deliver that for you.
Guaranteed accuracy and efficiency
Monthly Monitioring
Need monthly monitioring? Count on us, one of our friendly staff will call you every month to see how you are doing and to discuss with you. Please ask us on how to sign up.
Dedicated Offers
We offer dedicated pick up area for nurses and care givers, we create special bins customized for client needs.
Dedicated dispatcher and dispatching area to track deliveries/drivers.
Home Health Care
Carry Wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, Nebulizers, Ostomy supplies and hard to find Surgicals.
One stop solution for care givers, nurses, Physicians and other health care professionals.
99 cents OTC stuff
Come, count on us for day to day supplies for less than a $1 on many items.
Bill pay, Lotto lot more
We have services like Bill pay, Lotto and an ATM to add your convinience

 Refill/Transfer your prescription
Quick, Convenient
Refill/Transfer your prescription online.
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 Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 7.00PM
Saturday- 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Sunday- Closed

They are very helpful to nurses by contacting doctors and clinics for refills. The pharmacist makes suggestions to increase patient compliance and provide understanding of side effects and contact physicians to make necessary changes.
-- Delicia

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